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jessicaarlenea said: Where's the best place to look for cute pipes?

I buy mine at my local pipe store, or tobacco store. I also know someone who’s a professional glass blower and he does custom pipes. But whatever you’re searching for google will have trust me. Just do your research to find the cheapest one. Also etsy has professional pipes for sale on the cheaps and they’re cute and unique so look there. (:

I’m only going to say this once and i’m done..

Racism still exists and if you don’t think so you’re ignorant or you probably just don’t care… 

My best friend told me she we wished she was more like me. I laughed and asked her why and she responded with she hates being black. I honestly could not stop crying that night. She says she doesn’t feel beautiful in her own skin! When she has more guys falling over her than any other woman i know. It literally pains me to hear someone say this. She’s drop dead gorgeous and she thinks she’s ugly do to something as human as a skin color. Words can’t even describe how i feel. Because i know she’s not the only one who feels this way. 

It’s NOT just African Americans that feel this way. Every race has some sort of racist bash against them on the daily. And every person no matter their race will experience some sort of racist remark through out their life time. 

Ive heard “Why do you have to act so white? Why are you such a white girl/ boy? ”  After responses to “dumb” questions. Ive heard “Wow you’re so mexican or asain..” in response to them doing / saying something that reflects THEIR culture.. 

Ive seen restaurant employees discriminate other cultures because they’re not the same as their own. I’ve seen people being bullied /  harassed. the list goes on and on. 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! this is america and our whole country is based on being ourselves and being free yet we judge people on something as ignorant as skin color. Its like telling someone you don’t like them because they have brown hair, or green eyes, or they have freckles. Hopefully now you see how stupid racism is. Don’t be brainwashed by certain people, family or media. Be who YOU are, love yourself, and love everyone else! At the end of the day we are ALL HUMAN! words hurt and someone should never feel uncomfortable in their own skin. 

Stand up to racism lets stop the stigmas and stereotypes. 

Reminder: If everyone looked the same the world would be a boring place. You are you for a reason and that’s why people love you.